The world’s most advanced baby monitor. Attach the small sensor unit on your baby´s arm or leg to measure all the important information you need to keep your baby safe and asleep.

User friendly

Attach the bracelet with the small sensor unit on your baby’s arm or leg. Switch on the gateway. Start the app on your phone.


If the body temperature, heart rate, oxygen level or room temperature isn´t right, you will get notified directly on your app. Control white noise, night light and your suitable subscription, easily on your phone.


Cutting edge sensor technology secures accurate data — and safety for your baby.


Wifi and optional SIM-card secures unlimited range. Get access to research based info from experts and health personell.

BabySensor’s novel baby monitor has shown to be a game changing solution

Jørn Evert Jacobsen
Head of hospital Strategies at Vestfold Hospital Trust

To be launched
Summer 2022