So much more than a traditional babycall



Our Aim

Our aim is to revolutionize the life of baby- and toddler parents through our care technology

We have spent more than five years of research and development to create BabySensor working closely with top-tier scientist, developers and designers.  This month we are ready and excited to launch our world leading, advanced babycall.

How It Works

The small sensor unit attaches to your baby´s wrist or leg, collects important care indicators such as body temperature, oxygen intake, and heart rhythm. The base unit detects crying, and measures the room temperature with everything beeing displayed and notified in the app on your phone. With high battery capacity, Wifi and 4G, the use and reach is more or less unlimited.

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The wristband

Soft and comfortable

Monitors body temperature

Monitors heart rate 

Monitors oxygen level

Bluetooth connection with base station 


The base station

Sound detection  (crying)

Monitors room temperature

Unlimited reach trough WiFi or 4G*

Encrypted submission of data

White noise and adjustable night light (controlled from the app)

*optional 4G

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The app

Complete overview and control

Traffic light system with notifications

14 days history*

Up to 8 children per app

Multiple users and different access levels


Jon Endre Gjærum
Jon Endre Gjærum
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Anita is very passionate about children’s wellbeing. This has made her into a passionate entrepeneur, with a great ability to attract other talented people.
Anita Fevang, founder and mother
Anita Fevang, founder and mother
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“We needed a trustworthy alarm on our phone, to tell us if something wasn’t right with our baby. It had to be super easy to use, as well as beautifully designed and comfortable. We couldn´t find one on the market that met our needs, I therefore went ahead and invented the BabySensor“
Mamma til Lykke
Mamma til Lykke
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“Vi elsker at BabySensor er på app og at den forebygger krybbedød!“

BabySensor is a unique solution for parents

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can use BabySensor. While the sensor combines cutting-edge technology with Scandinavian design, we have spent at least as much time and emphasis on making it easy to use.

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User Friendly

Attach the bracelet with the small sensor unit on your baby’s arm or leg. Switch on the base station. Open the app on your phone.



If your baby´s body temperature, heart rate, oxygen level and/ or the room temperature isn´t right, you will be notified directly via your app. Easily control white noise, night light and your suitable subscription on your phone.


Accurate & Secure

Cutting-edge sensor technology secures accurate data — and safety for your baby. Any data sendt via the app is securely encrypted.

Optimal BLE-solution ensures the minimal amount of radiation.



Wifi and optional 4G SIM-card secures unlimited range.  High capacity batteries further enforce the usability of this unique system – indoor and outdoor!