Our aim is to revolutionize the life of baby- and toddler parents
through health technology

We needed a trustworthy alarm on our phone, to tell us if something wasn’t right with our baby. It had to be super easy to use, as well as beautifully designed and comfortable. We couldn´t find one on the market that met our needs, I therefore went ahead and invented the BabySensor

Anita Fevang, founder and mother

Anita is very passionate about children’s wellbeing. This has made her into a passionate entrepeneur, with a great ability to attract other talented people.

Jon Endre Gjærum
CEO Assetto

The team

Anita Fevang


Founder, CEO and member of the board. Anita is a
Sociologist with a comprehensive education within Management.

Connie Øverby


Jan Gustav Heber


Dr. ing. and founder of Nordigi as.

Executive Board

Gisle Sveva

Chair of the board

Siv K. Moa

Board member

Pål R. Bredvei

Board member

Anita Fevang

Board member

Advisory board

Camilla Istre


Marketing Manager Nordics at Stokke AS.

Katarina Jankovic

Chief Physician within anesthesia with over 20 years of experience measuring and following procedures considering patients´vital health data, as part of both routine work and of research.
Katarina works at Sykehuset Vestfold, and has extensive international experience. She is part of the ANEsthesia Board Exam.

Anita S. Schrøder

Health nurse. Extensive experience from hospitals and health centres. 25 years as a voluntary breastfeeding aid. Experience within COS and NBO, as well as further education within drug abuse, children´s mental health and management.

Our partners

Smart Innovation Norway
Vicar vision
Norway Health Tech