Simple to use – high-tech under the hood

Anyone with a smartphone can use Babysensor. It’s super simple!

On the inside we have combined bleeding edge sensor technology with artificial intelligence. But we have spent at least as much time on making it easy for you. We know by experience how exhausting life as a toddler parent can be.

This is how it works:

  1. Attach the bracelet to your child’s arm or leg. No need to wait for the kid to be asleep. The bracelet is comfortable to wear and sits safely on the baby.
  2. Switch the unit on and start the app on your phone (Iphone or Android). You can monitor if you child is awake, and get instant measurings on vital data like body temperature, heart rate, oxygen level and room temperatur.
  3. Is the baby restless or crying? Turn on the night light or calming sounds directly from the app.

We have tested Babysensor extensively with physicians and child care professionals. You would not believe the number of adjustments on minor details we have done to secure comfort, stability and ease of use.