To be launched spring 2023

We are just about to conclude the testing period and start production. Babysensor will be ready for the global market during late spring 2023.

Take back the beautiful moments with your baby. When the little one is asleep, you can reclaim your energy and get your life back.

How it works

Anyone with a smartphone can use BabySensor. It is super easy to use. On the inside we have combined bleeding edge sensor technology with artificial intelligence. But we have spent at least as much time on making it easy for you.

Attach the bracelet

Attach the bracelet to your baby´s arm or leg. Our oeko-tex bracelet is comfortable and safe.

Download and start the app

Download the BabySensor app. Switch the unit on and start the app on your phone. You can monitor if your child is awake, and get instant measurings on vital data like heart rate, oxygen level, body- and room temperature.

Is the baby restless or crying?

Adjust the night light or calming sounds directly from the app.

Your comfort is secured

We have tested BabySensor extensively with physicians and child care professionals. You would not believe the number of adjustments on minor details we have done to secure comfort, stability and ease of use.

Many of our patients are nervous about taking their babies home. That is my experience after working for over 14 years with babies who have difficulties with feeding and mothers with lactation issues. A reliable and accurate monitoring product will ease their transition home, and give the parents peace of mind to focus their energy towards connecting with their baby.

Mina Jasovic

Lactation consultant at UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital, Balboa Pediatrics and Providence Tarzana Hospital

Subscription based services to calm you even further

Care for babies is never easy. But with BabySensor you can get help and support when you need it. In 2023 we will launch a subscription based service with personalized expert advice from physicians and child care workers.

Our commitment to the planet

A green future

Okeo-Tex wrist band

100% organic travel bag

Eco friendly packaging

Social responsibility

Secure sleep and rest for parents. Parents with more energy are able to increase healty bonding, whilst enjoying the moments.  

Subscription gives you trustworthy, one stop help – when needed.  

10% of our profits goes directly to charities stopping violence towards children.