The system is offered in two versions. The physical product is the same, the
difference is additional services enabled for you in the 4G Premium subscription. If your need changes, you can upgrade to Premium or fall back to Classic by adding or ending your premium subscription.

BabySensor Classic

With the small sensor unit attached to your baby´s wrist or leg, you will get the vital information you need on your app. The sensor measures data and trends within body temperature, oxygen intake and heart rhythm. If values are abnormal or changing, you will be notified. The base station not only receives data from the wrist band sensor, but it also detects crying and room temperature. With a Wi-Fi connection, data is safely made available to you in your app. Night light and white noise functionality in the base station can also be controlled from the app.

BabySensor 4G Premium

With the 12-month 4G Premium subscription you add additional functionality to your Classic system. 4G connection for outdoor use or places without Wi-Fi connection expands the usability, and there with your flexibility. The possibility to store data for 14 days to detect sleep patterns is also included, as well as a restricted “babysitter” mode. After 12 months you can continue with a new subscription, or fall back to classic mode.


1. Sound detection (crying)

2. Pulse, Oxygen, and temperature (room &baby)

3. App for control and notifications

4. White noise & Night light

5. WiFi connected

6. Cryptation and low radiation

7. Use indoors & outdoors

8. Age 0-5 yrs

9. 4G connected

10. 14 days history (on/off)

11. Babysitter mode

BabySensor Is a Unique Solution for Parents

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can use BabySensor. While the sensor combines cutting-edge technology with Scandinavian design, we have spent at least as much time and emphasis on making it easy to use.

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User Friendly

Attach the bracelet with the small sensor unit on your baby’s arm or leg. Switch on the base station. Open the app on your phone.



If the body temperature, heart rate, oxygen level or room temperature isn´t right, you will get notified directly on your app. Control white noise, night light and your suitable subscription, easily on your phone.

Accurate & Secure

Cutting-edge sensor technology secures accurate data — and safety for your baby. Data is sent with secure encryption.

Optimal BLE-solution ensures the minimal amount of radiation.



Wifi and optional 4G SIM-card secures unlimited range.  High capacity batteries further enforces the usability of the system – imdoor and outdoor!