Our Aim

Our aim is to simplify and support the life of baby- and toddler parents through our care technology.

We all worry and want the best for our babies, which can be rather exhausting. Smart baby sensor solutions can never replace mum or dad, but it can be valuable support and bring some ease to parenting. For the safety of the children and the comfort of the parents.

The Company

BabySensor is a lean organisation with extensive cooperation with our partners.

We have spent more than five years of research and development to create
BabySensor, working closely with top-tier scientist, developers and designers.  In April 2023 we are ready and excited to launch our world leading, advanced baby sensor.


The BabySensor system will be extended with value adding services.

Basic functionality will always be available without the need for any additional subscriptions, but the value of the system can be extended at any time, depending on your needs. At launch, the 4G Premium subscription is already available, and more services will come.


With granted support from Eurostar, the project to develop next level babysensor has already started.

It’s too early to present the exact scope, but we can unveil that we together with our European partners in the project are doing research with contact less sensors and artificial intelligence. All to come up with the even more sophisticated, next level BabySensor.

Our Team

Anita Fevang


Founder / COO

Connie Øverby


Project Manager Sales, Market and Development

Jan Gustav Heber



Doctor of engineering. Founder of Nordigi as. Contracted technical developer at Babysensor where he is responsible for the technical development.

Eigil Rudsar



Our Partners

Executive Board

Gisle Sveva


Siv K. Moa

Board Member

Pål R. Bredvei

Board Member

Anita Fevang

Board Member

Advisory Board

Camilla Istre

Marketing Manager Nordics at Stokke AS


Katarina Jankovic

Chief physician in anesthesia with over 20 years of experience in measuring and following procedures regarding patients’ vital health data, both as part of routine work and research. Katarina works at Vestfold Hospital, has broad international experience and is also part of the ANEsthesia Board Exam.

Anita S. Schroder

Health nurse. Long experience from hospital and health station. Volunteer in breastfeeding for 25 years. Experience in COS and NBO, and continuing education in intoxication, children’s mental health and management.